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We love food and we are business enthusiasts.

So we ended up in the business of Good Food.

Good Food ? Yes, we mean it.!

We are a startup, On a mission to make healthy eating possible.

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Our Story

Our journey started with a quest for convenient & nutritious healthy food options.


With all the buzz around the need for healthy eating and rise in lifestyle diseases, we finally decided to go for healthier food options. Searched through plenty of blogs and articles about the food we should eat. But almost all of those, either talk about healthy meals or stuff that you can't eat directly without any preparation. Unfortunately there are no convenient healthy snacks to grab and eat on the go.


During our look out for healthy snacks we found some products in the market which claim to be healthy, but the "Health Quotient" of those products is only on the label. There are all sorts of unknown ingredients, highly processed foods, high sugars or salts. 

We soon came to know that many are unhappy and frustrated like we do. All are actively seeking healthier food/snack options. But they had no choice but to compromise with what they can find.

We felt that is NOT fair. Why should one struggle so much to be able to eat healthy ?


Traditionally we Indians love to snack a lot. Wouldn’t it be great if you can snack on something which is healthy and also provide enough nourishment ?!


Thats how our first product BarADay Hearty Bite Superfood Energy bar took its shape with fully loaded nutrient rich Superfoods - Nuts, Seeds and Dry Fruits as ingredients. And we made sure our bars are completely wholesome and clean with No added preservatives, No added sugars and No artificial flavours. Of course we made sure these snack bars taste Delicious. After all, Its food isn't it. 

A Superfood Energy Bar is born !

Hearty Bite

Superfood Energy Bars

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