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Natural Superfood Energy Bars

100% Natural, Delicious and Heart Healthy Superfood Energy bars to satisfy your guilt free snacking needs and to fulfil your daily essential nutrition requirements.

BarADay Natural Energy bars are made with power packed nutrient rich Superfoods - Dry Fruits, Nuts and Seeds in a convenient form for you to carry along easily and eat anytime you want. These bars can be your go-to option for pre-workout or post-workout energy needs, OR to start your day as a breakfast option OR as an evening snack to keep you going. 

        No Added Sugars

        No Artificial Flavours

        No Preservatives

        No Processed Foods

Goodness of Superfoods in every bite...

Goodness of Superfoods
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What our customers say

Salloni Vig, Amazon customer

Finally a healthy snack!

I have been looking for a healthy snack bar since ages but was not able to get something that was healthy and tasty together! BarADay is my new “go to snack” esp post a workout or between travel / meetings when one is pressed for a hearty meal. The packaging is great and the bar is soft on the teeth! Easy to carry in your purse or even pocket. Chocolate flavor is awesome!

Sreekanth, Amazon Customer

Healthy, Tasty, Nutritious & delivers what is promised.

Good to see BarADay introducing a new line of healthy & nutritious energy bars. I have been looking forward for a nutrition bar with good taste & which delivers what is promised by having raw ingredients with no added flavors, no sugars, no processed foods etc and still maintains the goodness in taste and healthy nutrition.

Delicious. 💓

Recently tried out these energy bars and here is my review.
1. There are 8 bars in the box, 4 kinds, 2 each.
2. They look very clean.
3. Taste really delicious.
4. Full of seeds, nuts, cranberry, chocolate.
5. Travel and snack friendly
6. Highly recommend.
7. Great as pre or post workout snack.
8. Keeps hunger at Bay for 2 hours.
9. Clean and good source of carbs.




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